New Web Content – Keep It Real

Don’t take shortcuts when creating new content. It will do more harm than good. Shortcuts include:

  1. Hiring offshore writers to create keyword rich content. (Site users don’t want to suffer through a manufactured-feeling, keyword impregnated page. They want natural text that communicates clearly and succinctly.)
  2. Posting content with little thought to how powerful keywords are for ensuring that your content is found, read, and compels action. (Getting found is one thing. Getting read is another. Compelling users to act – fill out a form, buy something, download something – that is yet another. Writing to accomplish all of that requires practice and skill).
  3. Duplicating content from other sites you own or those you don’t (In the latter case, that’s plagiarizm. But even if it is borrowing from another site you own, it is a bad idea. Google sees duplicated content as an effort to game their system. As a result, they dock Page Rank points for both sites).

New content is vitally important. Google loves new content. It values recency in addition to relevance. Fresh content will help your search page rankings. More importantly, though, it will be appreciated by site users and will convert better.

Writing for a Web site page is different than writing for a printed brochure or a blog. People prefer shorter, crisper content. They also want content that is genuine and perfected. If your content has a strange “voice” like English text written in India, China or Australia, your users will detect it and wonder at least two things about your company. 1) Did this company hire offshore writers? 2) Is this company itself offshore?

Create new content, not new questions.

You want users to focus on the benefits of your products and services.

Milli Vanilli gained infamy for not keeping it real. Girl you know it’s true.Image


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