I have always had a passion for words, slogans and taglines. I enjoy finding the words that convey meaning, in a way that meets the challenge at hand:
Getting Attention
Defining Value
Compelling Action

Some names I’ve developed:

Digital Labrador– While writing the business plan for a new photography experience store that likened itself to a cross between the Apple Store and Kinkos self-service computing center, I kept using “digital lab” in reference to workstations that patrons could rent to use the latest Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic enhancement software to prepare their digital or printed works.

I created the pawprint logo. Blacktop Creative finessed it.
Digital Labrador
Tagline still makes me : )

Meanwhile, the owners indicated that they wanted the store to be inviting, friendly and unintimidating. “Digital Lab” was a sterile and uncreative name. But “Digital Labrador” conjured up the friendly, creative environment that the owners wanted. It also helped that the owners both had labradors!

The store’s identity was further enhanced with a stylized paw print and digital camera logo. My favorite tagline I developed for this company was “Get a leg up on the competition.” That tagline spoke volumes about how Digital Labrador was a competitive advantage for professional photographers.

CalibarNewTek is the creator of the Video Toaster video editing software. In the 1990s they created a pen-like, pocket-sized device that facilitates video monitor calibration of colors and resolution. This plug and play device needed a name. “Calibar” describes its shape, what it does and its convenience in one convenient made-up word. Later, a company who resold it, made their own USB-powered version and called it Calibug (Great minds think alike).

PhotoEMR – The folks at Digital Labrador found a new use for some online photo archiving software; storage and access for before and after patient photos, for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

Photo EMREMR is a well-known acronym in the medical field for Electronic Medical Record. DL wanted the product to have the respect of the industry and the word “photo” to quickly communicate what the product is and does. PhotoEMR is an electronic medical record of photos; usually of before and after surgery.

PANEisgood.com – In 2011 new software became available to the window manufacturing industry that handles data seamlessly between pricing, estimating, ordering, manufacturing, and back-office accounting. PANE LogoIt is sold in modules, so that companies can migrate to the newer technology with as little pain as possible. “PANE” is the official name of the software, but PANEisgood.com is the Web site address to highlight the attitude and personality of the software’s purveyors. The company’s tagline says “our software is good” and “we know that window industry technical migrations are painful, but they as SO worth it” in just three mere words. Brilliant, if I may say so myself.

PiggySAFE.com– In 2013, a new online piggy bank site will launch that allows children, teens and young adults to safely create an online

Piggy SAFE Piggy Bank
COMING SOON! A new way to SAVE!

savings account that allows funding from friends, family and even strangers, for various savings goals. Toys, charity, first car, college…whatever the goal, now there’s an online and mobile way to promote it and fund it.

name Brand IDENTITY – In marketing,“Brand Name” is the proper term, but “Name, Brand, Identity” is the linear progression that takes place in marketing. First you name it, then you brand it, then you might create a whole identity around it. It is a fitting name for the services I offer.

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