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If you are in business, you take payments from clients or customers.

There is an expense associated with taking those payments. Your bank wants a cut, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express want a cut, and your payment processor (the one who sells and services what the banks and credit cards offer) wants a cut.

Do you have unnecessary multiple payment processors? You might have started with a brick and mortar store added a location, then started selling online and then started selling via mobile devices. As a result, you might have two or more payment processors, multiple statements to decipher and, as a result, are paying too much.

I work with Kansas City-based MerchantGuy, to provide payment processing services at reduced rates. We often find that businesses are able to save between 15% and 70% on the fees. I educate customers on what the charges are and which ones they can control.

I also help uncover new revenue streams and implement recurring billing.

For a free quote on payment processing that has no leased equipment, no contracts and no nonsense, call me at 816.797.9946. Eric

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