Slogans and taglines need to sell!

Recently I visited with Dennis Chapman, development director for City Union Mission. While I was there, Dennis showed me the organization’s old slogan, “Putting the pieces back together.”

He admitted that he’d grown fond of the slogan, because it summed up what the mission does. It gives homeless men, women and families a long-term (1-year) home to provide a foundation for them to improve the areas of their lives that have led to their homelessness. It could be addictions (gambling, alcohol, drugs), mental problems, socialization problems, or family dysfunction.

When Gragg Advertising visited with Dennis and boldly told him that the organization slogan wouldn’t sell, he initially resisted their advice and defended the honor of the slogan. But when Gragg Advertising came back with a suggestion for a new slogan, Dennis said he quickly saw the difference. He had been moved by the power of words.

The new slogan was short and simple. “Your city. Your mission.”

Kansas City’s City Union Mission now has a new tagline.

What’s so great about that? You might say.

Look closer. The “Y” in each declaration is screened back, so that the slogan does double-duty as “our city. our mission.” But the real power is in how it cleverly involves the reader, subtly suggesting “I can make a difference. I can get involved. This matters to me.” But I think it goes even further, it says “I am already a part of this, because it is my city.”

In retrospect, Dennis can now see that the old slogan, “Putting the pieces back together” didn’t have a sense of involvement. He says that the new slogan definitely helps sell the organization.

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