PR is FREE (sort of) publicity!

Yes, I provide PR services. I’ve done business PR throughout my 25+ year career.
I start by understanding what the true goals are:
  • Do they want to see their name in print?
  • Do they want notoriety?
  • Do they want more links back to their Web site?
  • Is it about branding or to drive sales?
  • Is it to enhance credibility?
  • Is it to encourage venture capital investment?
Once the goal is defined, I can custom-tailor a PR program.
  • I can write news releases.
  • I can submit them to free online distribution services (They produce inbound links for the clients Web site but may or may not be read by humans).
  • I can submit news releases to paid distribution services.These can be expensive, but the news releases are more likely to be published and read. There are ways to reduce the monthly investment while still getting 90% of the value.
  • I can submit news releases to industry publications (printed and online).
  • I can submit news releases to specific editors and reporters, to encourage their coverage.
  • Once the news releases are published on a reputable site, I can re-promote the news release via email, social media, and other channels.
PR (Public Relations) remains one of the best bang-for-your-buck marketing investments that you can make. But just because a great deal of it is free, you shouldn’t ignore it or not make an effort to do it well. It is an essential part of the marketing mix. And because of Web sites and social media, you will want to invest some funds to control the message and measure the results. Doing so will enable you to have higher and higher performance over time.
Take shortcuts and you’ll end up with mediocre results that won’t accomplish your goals.
Your PR should be a planned part of your overall marketing strategy. Plan, prepare, execute, measure, improve. If you need my help, you know where to find me. 816.797.9946 Eric Strautman

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